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Giving Back

We're not just another event in the crowd.
We're a force for change.

While Colorado ranks in the top 5 healthiest states, it ranks #7 for suicide rates.

We’re on a mission to reverse these trends, and that’s where you come in.

At our event, we believe in the power of collaboration to create meaningful change. As a patron, exhibitor, partner, or sponsor, you’re not just supporting our cause—you’re becoming an integral part of a movement that prioritizes social impact and will save lives.

The Statistics

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Population of Colorado 2022


Colorado deaths due to intentional
self-harm per 100,000


Number of Colorado citizens lost in 2021

How We Are Making A Difference

In 2023, our inaugural expo catalyzed profound community change. By donating 100% of admission proceeds to the Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership, we actively supported vital mental health initiatives. 

Our collaboration with Vitalant Blood Services for a mobile blood drive resulted in an overwhelming response, reaching donation capacity within a remarkable three hours, positively impacting countless lives through critical blood donations.

As a gesture of gratitude to our upper level sponsors for the 2025 event, we pledge to donate a booth to a non-profit organization, showcasing their commitment to social impact and community support.

We are committed to sustaining these initiatives to inspire tangible, enduring change in our Colorado Springs and surrounding communities.

The passion behind the mission.

“The passion driving the mission of the Colorado Springs Health & Fitness Expo lies in a deeply personal connection to mental health advocacy. 

With firsthand experiences of my family members surviving suicide attempts, the toll of PTSD and the painful loss of close military friends to suicide, being part of an Air Force family for 22 years has given me a deep understanding of the profound impact of mental health struggles. 

The desire to prevent others from experiencing the anguish of helplessness and loss fuels a commitment to bring together every available resource within the community. 

Through education, empowerment, and collective action, the goal is to support and uplift the Colorado Springs community, recognizing its inherent worth and striving for a brighter, healthier future for all.”

Sandi Griffin, Founder